Anonymous said: Will u be my gf ๐Ÿ’ž


I painted my nails and this pic

Mouse Hippocampus
My first single drops Wednesday.
Kagomes Interlude.


vliensyndrome said: This isn't some past life corny shit ma. Lmao Ima come clean n say that cookie can crumble on me whenever you ready

Thanks but no thanks


vliensyndrome said: You think I'm playin๐Ÿ˜ˆ



vliensyndrome said: Im bout it.



vliensyndrome said: What's it take to be inside cookies cookie?



Anonymous said: What size bra do you wear?



Anonymous said: I'm in love wit'chu on some past life tingz but this not about me. We need you to want more for the Earth and to do your part to make that More happen. Forget the world, Planet Earth needs You. You are invaluable as a young woman in this age. Seek the power that the Alpha & Omega wants to come through you. Healing Power. Awaken from this darkness & avoid untimely death before your light runs out. Choose Life. Wake Up. Ask for more Light and don't waste it. Re-focus. God Loves You. Fear not.

Ok so is this my Illuminati invite orrr?

R selfies not for this site cos…
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